Key English
00:02:22.800-->00:02:25.199 cash and precious metals, so if you have
00:02:25.200-->00:02:27.759 gold you can always melt it down.
00:02:27.760-->00:02:29.598 There's no history associated with any
00:02:29.599-->00:02:31.199 piece of gold, and so
00:02:31.200-->00:02:32.479 from your point of view as long as you
00:02:32.480-->00:02:33.919 know that something is gold, you don't
00:02:33.920-->00:02:36.110 care where it came from. Gold is gold.
00:02:36.112-->00:02:38.079 It's fungible.
00:02:38.080-->00:02:41.199 In the decentralized world, the
00:02:41.200-->00:02:43.119 leader in that market segment is
00:02:43.120-->00:02:44.479 currently Monero.
00:02:44.480-->00:02:46.399 There's also non-fungible, which is on
00:02:46.400-->00:02:47.839 the top, and that is,
00:02:47.840-->00:02:50.639 you do care which particular unit of
00:02:50.640-->00:02:51.919 value that you're getting,
00:02:51.920-->00:02:53.931 because they're not the same.
00:02:53.933-->00:02:55.919 So, let's think about real estate or
00:02:55.920-->00:02:58.479 artworks. If you have a plot of land,
00:02:58.480-->00:03:00.479 there's presumably reasons that you
00:03:00.480-->00:03:02.158 chose that plot of land,