Key English
00:59:28.703-->00:59:30.988 whose quote I read earlier,
00:59:30.990-->00:59:32.879 but [of] course the most famous
00:59:32.880-->00:59:34.558 proponent of this style of investing is
00:59:34.559-->00:59:36.078 Warren Buffett.
00:59:36.079-->00:59:38.078 Basically, what Warren Buffett does is he
00:59:38.079-->00:59:41.919 looks for companies that nobody cares about,
00:59:41.920-->00:59:43.199 they've been forgotten,
00:59:43.200-->00:59:45.439 they're doing something that's not sexy,
00:59:45.440-->00:59:48.090 they're doing something that's all fuddy-duddy,
00:59:48.092-->00:59:50.719 not very exciting -- and
00:59:50.720-->00:59:53.468 he sees that their prices are low, and
00:59:53.470-->00:59:58.079 and he loads up on them, and he waits.
00:59:58.799-->01:00:00.726 All right, so that's all I have --
01:00:00.728-->01:00:02.959 put the earphones back in...
01:00:02.960-->01:00:05.118 if you'd like to get in touch with me --
01:00:05.119-->01:00:06.350 if you're looking for, maybe,
01:00:06.352-->01:00:09.039 a Sherpa who can help you
01:00:09.040-->01:00:11.279 kind of align your strategy with
01:00:11.280-->01:00:12.719 principles based on
01:00:12.720-->01:00:15.039 academic finance but also based on real