Key English
01:00:05.119-->01:00:06.350 if you're looking for, maybe,
01:00:06.352-->01:00:09.039 a Sherpa who can help you
01:00:09.040-->01:00:11.279 kind of align your strategy with
01:00:11.280-->01:00:12.719 principles based on
01:00:12.720-->01:00:15.039 academic finance but also based on real
01:00:15.040-->01:00:16.558 world experience --
01:00:16.559-->01:00:19.358 also, a solid connection, like I mentioned
01:00:19.359-->01:00:22.239 before, between the worlds of
01:00:22.240-->01:00:24.959 open-source, cypherpunk cryptocurrencies
01:00:24.960-->01:00:26.558 and the more traditional
01:00:26.559-->01:00:28.558 aspects of wealth management, estate
01:00:28.559-->01:00:30.239 planning, trusts --
01:00:30.240-->01:00:32.719 so trusts are a potential way that you
01:00:32.720-->01:00:35.039 can change the jurisdiction of your assets,
01:00:35.040-->01:00:39.118 in a 100 percent legal and upfront way --
01:00:39.119-->01:00:41.199 things like this are what I can help my
01:00:41.200-->01:00:45.506 clients with. So -- that's it, thanks.