Key English
00:00:55.440-->00:00:57.279 I know it's been a long day for everyone
00:00:57.280-->00:00:59.679 and looking over the chat
00:00:59.680-->00:01:02.238 it's a bit of a tough crowd, and I will
00:01:02.239-->00:01:03.759 do my best to
00:01:03.760-->00:01:05.599 present some new results --
00:01:05.600-->00:01:07.118 this is actually the first time I will be
00:01:07.119-->00:01:09.199 presenting this particular talk
00:01:09.200-->00:01:11.999 and I hope it will be of practical
00:01:12.000-->00:01:13.359 benefit to you, while
00:01:13.360-->00:01:15.839 being not just one guy's opinion,
00:01:15.840-->00:01:17.998 but based in academic research.
00:01:17.999-->00:01:19.359 As Rafael mentioned,
00:01:19.360-->00:01:20.798 I'm the Founder and CEO of Sweetwater
00:01:20.799-->00:01:22.239 Digital Asset Consulting.
00:01:22.240-->00:01:24.239 I see myself as bridging two very
00:01:24.240-->00:01:25.438 separate worlds
00:01:25.439-->00:01:27.919 which know very little about each other,
00:01:27.920-->00:01:31.359 and, in fact, often times have little but
00:01:31.360-->00:01:33.118 stereotype and prejudice to
00:01:33.119-->00:01:35.679 cast the other in. Those two worlds are