Key English
00:32:08.811-->00:32:10.798 accept the efficient market hypothesis,
00:24:01.440-->00:24:03.278 accounting is A = L + E.
00:49:33.359-->00:49:35.279 [a] consistent record in all getting along
00:28:24.320-->00:28:25.519 actually, around the world --
00:51:49.119-->00:51:50.399 actually doing the quote unquote
00:18:41.120-->00:18:42.719 actually never hear crypto people talk
00:23:01.919-->00:23:05.038 actual people are dumber -- both dumber
00:40:49.200-->00:40:52.639 Actual people tend to
00:31:39.600-->00:31:42.239 add "dot com," and advertise it as being the
00:30:43.760-->00:30:46.797 added "dot com" to the end of the company name,
00:39:36.640-->00:39:38.479 additional dollar. But if you think about
00:06:20.560-->00:06:22.478 a doubling of most countries'
00:14:28.240-->00:14:31.278 a draconian, cruel government with their
00:13:15.600-->00:13:18.923 after that came back, it was implemented.
00:06:03.360-->00:06:05.421 after the pandemic hit.
00:06:55.680-->00:06:57.918 After the pandemic we're looking at a
00:10:37.840-->00:10:39.741 against these accusations
00:55:37.119-->00:55:40.159 a global ban is going to become less likely,
00:52:48.720-->00:52:50.479 agree to be nice to each other --
00:54:26.720-->00:54:31.117 all of the 150 final rounds of "Golden Balls,"