Key English
00:29:15.039-->00:29:17.999 you see this pattern: that the ignored
00:56:25.677-->00:56:26.941 You should keep that in mind.
00:32:34.771-->00:32:35.740 you should study this.
00:32:35.742-->00:32:38.996 You should study this total scam Ponzi scheme
00:25:29.840-->00:25:31.678 you think of this blue box now as being
00:49:11.119-->00:49:13.519 You've got to coordinate this, and then on
00:09:18.640-->00:09:20.639 you've heard all day, the big
00:30:07.600-->00:30:09.839 you want to have a caution flag on those --
00:57:25.040-->00:57:28.399 You would be on AOL's curated version of
00:27:29.360-->00:27:31.439 you would price the stock like this
00:34:12.358-->00:34:13.553 you write their names down,
00:45:58.560-->00:46:01.358 zero, because they own the printing presses