Key English
00:07:27.960-->00:07:32.200 when a person "signs up for a Bitcoin account," so to speak,
00:07:32.260-->00:07:35.120 what they're really doing is picking a number.
00:07:35.180-->00:07:37.800 They're just picking a number out of a
00:07:37.840-->00:07:40.580 256-bit field.
00:07:42.040-->00:07:43.520 People are really bad at
00:07:43.540-->00:07:45.440 imagining huge numbers,
00:07:45.500-->00:07:50.360 but we're talking about picking a number between zero and 10 to the 77th [power].
00:07:51.300-->00:07:53.440 One with 77 zeroes after that.
00:07:53.800-->00:07:56.180 To understand how big that is,
00:07:56.500-->00:07:59.940 imagine the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy.
00:08:00.020-->00:08:01.940 Now imagine electrons
00:08:01.940-->00:08:03.540 being lined up
00:08:03.640-->00:08:04.620 right next to each other --
00:08:04.660-->00:08:08.780 and I'm using just the classical electron radius here.
00:08:10.140-->00:08:14.580 For the entire diameter of the Milky Way, we have electrons lined up.
00:08:14.820-->00:08:16.720 That turns out to not be enough.
00:08:16.800-->00:08:18.720 You have to take one of these electrons
00:08:18.720-->00:08:22.240 and blow that up to the size of the Milky Way galaxy
00:08:22.320-->00:08:26.440 and then get another set of electrons going across.
00:08:26.740-->00:08:27.960 Then even that's not enough,