Key English
00:51:44.850-->00:51:49.430 you would be astounded at how minuscule, how tiny it is.
00:04:15.140-->00:04:18.440 you see basically an exponential growth curve.
00:11:44.300-->00:11:49.340 your page is actually a exact multiple of a million atoms.
00:22:49.180-->00:22:51.320 you're probably going to notice it.
01:05:18.200-->01:05:21.660 you're on this really wild roller coaster ride --
00:29:41.340-->00:29:46.240 you're also accepting their life, their life history.
01:06:13.440-->01:06:17.160 your combined volatility is going to be improved.
00:34:51.220-->00:34:53.140 you need to get money from people.
00:14:21.400-->00:14:23.680 you might have heard of this thing called "the halvening."
01:01:47.110-->01:01:49.490 you may or may not be aware of this,
01:08:38.340-->01:08:42.660 you know that December 2019 has been a very good month.
01:11:07.160-->01:11:08.400 you just see gold --
00:08:51.540-->00:08:52.700 You just pick a number,
00:08:49.540-->00:08:51.540 you just pick a number.
00:08:27.960-->00:08:29.460 you have to take one of those electrons,
00:08:16.800-->00:08:18.720 You have to take one of these electrons
00:41:42.220-->00:41:46.100 you have to make a little handwritten note that says this "this is my name,"
00:41:40.060-->00:41:42.220 You have to hold up a picture of your ID [identification],
01:01:22.870-->01:01:25.330 you have to do it before [marriage] or otherwise it won't count --
00:41:46.100-->00:41:50.580 you have to basically submit all this stuff just to be deemed worthy enough