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00:00:00.132-->00:00:02.500 The live presentation featured in this film was recorded at 36C3, a technically focused computer security conference which was held December 27-30, 2019 in Leipzig, Germany.
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00:00:53.000-->00:00:57.000 Written and Presented by Dr. Daniel Kim
00:00:57.600-->00:01:01.600 Produced by Justin Ehrenhofer and geonic
00:01:02.100-->00:01:06.100 Cinematographers: Maximilian Gurresch and Alvin Joel Santos
00:01:06.500-->00:01:10.500 Directed by Justin Ehrenhofer
00:01:11.200-->00:01:17.200 Part 1: Scarcity
00:01:19.060-->00:01:21.900 Once upon a time, the dollar was as good as gold.
00:01:21.900-->00:01:25.720 The United States and most other countries minted gold coins.
00:01:25.720-->00:01:28.360 Paper money was a promise to pay in gold.
00:01:28.360-->00:01:31.560 But today, the dollar and most other world currencies
00:01:31.560-->00:01:34.840 are supported not by gold, but by credit --
00:01:34.840-->00:01:38.040 paper backed by paper.