Key English
00:52:01.040-->00:52:02.960 All right.
00:42:27.120-->00:42:29.100 All right. So just to take a step back:
00:40:41.900-->00:40:44.560 all the resumes look the same after a while.
00:31:33.180-->00:31:37.920 All these things combine to make Monero's fungibility.
00:02:48.120-->00:02:49.160 all together,
00:32:19.440-->00:32:23.240 All you have to do is download the Monero software and you too
00:55:40.590-->00:55:43.330 A lot of people in Monero used to be in Bitcoin,
00:56:13.450-->00:56:16.000 Also, capital gains taxes, at least in America.
01:01:32.570-->01:01:34.330 Also, legal enhanced privacy.
00:39:51.720-->00:39:56.520 a means to avoid this race to the bottom -- is a signal.
01:02:02.170-->01:02:06.110 America has a law called FATCA, which was put in by Obama,
00:21:02.820-->00:21:06.820 American companies' computers are to be kicked out.
01:12:03.460-->01:12:09.120 Americans have a fundamental right to transact value in a private manner.
00:39:24.900-->00:39:31.320 "am I going to be just fine" or "am I going to be falsely accused of some who-knows-what?"
00:22:45.820-->00:22:49.180 and 14 out of your 16 gigabytes of RAM are being eaten up,
00:30:47.300-->00:30:51.620 and all that you know, cryptographically, is one of the 11 of you sent the money.
00:02:41.660-->00:02:44.640 and also checking accounts and savings accounts.
01:08:03.880-->01:08:06.180 and also zoom out on the vertical scale.
00:49:54.590-->00:50:02.710 and an open-source Linux guru -- was added to Monero.
00:02:07.340-->00:02:11.180 and a postage stamp cost millions.