Key English
00:44:50.680-->00:44:52.750 without questioning the value.
00:51:52.690-->00:51:56.750 working on this project in true open-source spirit,
00:00:53.000-->00:00:57.000 Written and Presented by Dr. Daniel Kim
01:12:31.924-->01:12:37.644 Written & Presented by Dr. Daniel Kim
Founder and Principal
Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting, LLC
00:34:20.920-->00:34:26.400 you are accepting the risk that somebody unsavory will be sending you something.
00:43:01.760-->00:43:06.400 you are copying packets from the email server to your phone to check.
00:39:19.520-->00:39:22.520 you are the used car buyer in this situation.
00:12:02.500-->00:12:04.540 you can copy that exactly.
00:32:39.660-->00:32:42.300 You cannot do what you can do in Bitcoin, which is
00:46:13.450-->00:46:17.490 You can pick your own group of people who agree
00:40:07.780-->00:40:09.920 you can see if it's been in an accident...
01:04:55.480-->01:04:59.380 You can see that in months when Monero does well,
00:16:39.800-->00:16:43.720 You can see that Monero had a later start here [2014]
00:03:05.740-->00:03:09.420 You can see that the money supply has inflated
00:13:18.740-->00:13:22.440 you can see what transactions you were involved in on the blockchain.
00:33:10.120-->00:33:14.200 you can set a little automated robot
00:54:52.090-->00:54:55.430 you cease to become an open and free society.
01:01:37.470-->01:01:43.690 you could benefit from enhanced privacy protecting those assets.
00:39:37.260-->00:39:39.240 You don't know if that's going to happen to you.
00:39:22.520-->00:39:24.900 You don't know if you accept this Bitcoin,