Key English
00:00:15.000-->00:00:17.000 100% of the net revenue from this film will be given to independent theaters, including
00:03:09.580-->00:03:10.760 for everybody.
00:04:47.720-->00:04:51.420 I'm assuming that everyone here has an IQ of at least 140,
00:04:55.120-->00:04:57.060 to look at this paper and study it --
00:05:04.100-->00:05:07.040 But were Satoshi Nakamoto a real [identified] person
00:06:05.640-->00:06:07.380 But the problem is that
00:06:14.140-->00:06:16.600 that are too expensive and then they can't pay for them,
00:07:16.400-->00:07:17.640 there are three ways.
00:07:24.520-->00:07:26.780 confused with another person's Bitcoin?
00:08:46.060-->00:08:49.540 going to fill out some form and asking permission for an account --
00:09:04.880-->00:09:09.180 how do we know how much of the Bitcoin there is in the entire monetary system,
00:09:31.620-->00:09:33.600 which is what the blockchain records --
00:09:33.760-->00:09:36.660 so the blockchain is a series of blocks.
00:09:39.880-->00:09:42.140 this person sent money to this person,
00:09:44.640-->00:09:48.200 and each block is just a record of that --
00:10:41.820-->00:10:45.160 In this case, we're actually caring about the number of the hash --
00:10:45.200-->00:10:47.320 How small, how large is that number?
00:11:00.260-->00:11:02.460 So, to make a real world analogy of this:
00:11:16.700-->00:11:19.080 One way you could do this is you could say:
00:11:38.080-->00:11:39.700 trillions and trillions of atoms