Key English
01:14:16.025-->01:14:19.037 There is a high degree of risk associated
with investing in cryptocurrencies. Investing
in cryptocurrencies can quickly lead to large
01:14:14.188-->01:14:15.688 those reflected or contemplated in such
forward-looking statements.
01:14:12.663-->01:14:14.163 the actual performance of any transaction
described herein may differ materially from
01:14:09.838-->01:14:12.638 variations thereon or comparable
terminology. Due to various risks and
uncertainties, actual events or results or
01:14:07.013-->01:14:09.813 "anticipate", "target", "project",
"estimate", "intend", "continue", or
"believe", or the negatives thereof or other
01:14:04.188-->01:14:06.988 which can be identified by the
use of forward-looking terminology such as
"may", "will", "should", "expect",
01:14:01.363-->01:14:04.163 changes occurring after the date hereof.
Certain information contained in these
materials constitutes "forward looking statements,"
01:13:58.538-->01:14:01.338 updated or otherwise revised to reflect
information that subsequently becomes
available or circumstances existing or
01:13:55.713-->01:13:58.513 information provided is based on matters as
they exist as of the date of preparation and
not as of any future day, and will not be
01:13:52.888-->01:13:55.688 sale of any financial instrument or to
participate in any investment strategy.
Except where otherwise indicated herein, the
01:13:50.063-->01:13:52.863 This presentation has been prepared solely for
informational purposes and is not intended as
an offer or solicitation for the purchase or
01:13:47.250-->01:13:49.750 Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles, California and
Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida.
01:13:44.226-->01:13:47.226 100% of the net revenue from the film (after
transaction fees and publicity expenses) will be
given to independent theatres, including
01:13:40.821-->01:13:43.898 many small and independently owned cinemas who
have suspended operations amid the global
Covid-19 pandemic.
01:13:37.790-->01:13:40.797 volunteers who have freely donated their time
and effort to create this film broadly support
the airing of independent voices, including the
01:13:34.755-->01:13:37.765 The Monero Project is a decentralized
open-source collaboration with no formal
organizational structure. The Monero community
01:13:30.897-->01:13:34.428 This film is a Monero Community Workgroup
project, distributed by rCryptocurrency LLC.
01:13:28.326-->01:13:30.530 computer security conference which was held
December 27-30, 2019 in Leipzig, Germany.
01:13:25.950-->01:13:28.301 The live presentation featured in this film
was recorded at 36C3, a technically focused
01:13:16.849-->01:13:25.341 Special Thanks:
Howard "hyc" Chu, Doug Tuman, Sarang Noether,
Sunita, SerHack, Scott Anecito, Thunderosa, gromit1000