Key English
00:43:01.760-->00:43:06.400 you are copying packets from the email server to your phone to check.
00:34:20.920-->00:34:26.400 you are accepting the risk that somebody unsavory will be sending you something.
01:12:31.924-->01:12:37.644 Written & Presented by Dr. Daniel Kim
Founder and Principal
Sweetwater Digital Asset Consulting, LLC
00:00:53.000-->00:00:57.000 Written and Presented by Dr. Daniel Kim
00:51:52.690-->00:51:56.750 working on this project in true open-source spirit,
00:44:50.680-->00:44:52.750 without questioning the value.
00:05:25.380-->00:05:27.880 without needing a central authority
00:23:43.540-->00:23:46.060 with, of course, provisions in there
01:11:49.460-->01:11:51.320 with ban power.
00:34:05.720-->00:34:08.160 with a money that has no memory,
00:25:04.400-->00:25:08.320 Will his 1984 be the world that George Orwell foresaw --
01:02:20.930-->01:02:24.810 will have a whole bunch of burdensome reporting requirements
00:42:41.360-->00:42:43.780 why it's here to stay.
00:47:34.430-->00:47:38.890 who was doing the accounting work to help support the network, just like in Bitcoin.
00:28:15.560-->00:28:18.840 who sent what to whom and when.
00:09:42.140-->00:09:44.560 who sent what to whom and how much
00:09:30.140-->00:09:31.620 who sent what to whom,
00:56:53.210-->00:56:57.450 whose inclination might be to want to talk to the "manager of Monero"
01:12:15.560-->01:12:19.460 who really care about privacy as a fundamental human right.
00:45:39.070-->00:45:43.970 who liberated theology from the kind of