Key English
00:55:40.590-->00:55:43.330 A lot of people in Monero used to be in Bitcoin,
00:32:19.440-->00:32:23.240 All you have to do is download the Monero software and you too
00:02:48.120-->00:02:49.160 all together,
00:31:33.180-->00:31:37.920 All these things combine to make Monero's fungibility.
00:40:41.900-->00:40:44.560 all the resumes look the same after a while.
00:42:27.120-->00:42:29.100 All right. So just to take a step back:
00:52:01.040-->00:52:02.960 All right.
01:08:26.220-->01:08:28.760 all of these ups and downs
00:47:29.370-->00:47:34.430 All of the Monero in existence were given in the past to a miner
00:38:52.060-->00:38:54.240 All of the good sellers leave the market
01:10:15.200-->01:10:18.780 All of the gold that has been already been dug out of the ground
00:03:45.960-->00:03:49.600 all of the global Fiat currencies are
00:51:17.150-->00:51:24.690 all of the funding to support all of this is completely 100% "shaking the tin cup"
01:03:20.310-->01:03:23.150 all of that information gets sent back to the IRS.
00:59:13.830-->00:59:19.030 a giver wants to give to beneficiaries -- but not immediately.
00:09:03.020-->00:09:04.880 Aggregate level scarcity -- that is,
01:01:43.690-->01:01:47.030 Actually, relevant to people who are not Americans,
00:13:55.400-->00:13:59.840 a cryptocurrency account, you have the same problem.
00:58:24.230-->00:58:31.810 a community type of investor to be a solid member of the Monero community.
00:06:36.160-->00:06:40.320 a central committee to be making decisions