Key English
00:03:33.840-->00:03:35.740 The frog doesn't understand that
00:03:35.740-->00:03:37.820 it's sitting in boiling water until it's too late
00:03:37.820-->00:03:39.260 and it's cooked.
00:03:39.360-->00:03:40.880 That's the kind of
00:03:41.000-->00:03:43.480 situation that we find ourselves in.
00:03:45.240-->00:03:45.940 The thing is that
00:03:45.960-->00:03:49.600 all of the global Fiat currencies are
00:03:49.660-->00:03:53.180 turning on the printing presses at a disturbing rate.
00:03:53.260-->00:03:54.840 But what counts as victory?
00:03:54.840-->00:03:58.160 What counts as being sound and
00:03:58.220-->00:04:01.920 prudent with your particular country's currency?
00:04:02.000-->00:04:06.360 Well, it's inflating slightly less fast than the other guys, right?
00:04:07.060-->00:04:08.580 We still have this situation where
00:04:08.580-->00:04:10.580 if you zoom out,
00:04:10.880-->00:04:12.660 for example, for the US dollar,
00:04:12.740-->00:04:15.040 if you go to a 50-year time scale
00:04:15.140-->00:04:18.440 you see basically an exponential growth curve.
00:04:19.800-->00:04:23.040 This is a problem that all savers face --
00:04:23.060-->00:04:25.220 anyone who has assets to save
00:04:25.300-->00:04:28.760 is up against this current that's coming up against them,