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A node to which a daemon connects to give immediate usability to wallets while syncing
["bootstrap-node", "bootstrap-nodes"]
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The Basics 基础知识
The @daemon running on a local @node has to sync with other @remote-nodes. While it is not fully synced, @wallet may still be connected to the local node. Therefore, the @wallet cannot access the @blocks that are not yet synced on the local @node. 运行在本地@节点上的守护进程必须与其他(远程)@节点们同步。当没有完全同步时,@钱包可能仍然连接到本地节点。但是,@钱包无法访问本地@节点上尚未同步的@区块。
To allow the @wallet to be immediately usable, the daemon on the local @node uses a bootstrap node to which the RPC request are proxying to, giving access to the missing @blocks. 为了允许@钱包立即可用,本地@节点上的守护进程使用RPC请求代理到的引导节点,从而访问丢失的@区块。
Note: the replies from the bootstrap node may be untrustworthy. 注意:来自引导节点的响应可能不可信。