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property of a currency whereby two units can be substituted in place of one another 货币的一种属性,其中任意两个单位可以相互替换。
["fungibility", "fungible"]
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The Basics 基础知识
Property of a currency whereby two units can be substituted in place of one another. 货币的一种属性,其中任意两个单位可以相互替换。
Fungibility means that two units of a currency can be mutually substituted and the substituted currency is equal to another unit of the same size. For example, two $10 bills can be exchanged and they are functionally identical to any other $10 bill in circulation (although $10 bills have unique ID numbers and are therefore not completely fungible). Gold is probably a closer example of true fungibility, where any 1 oz. of gold of the same grade is worth the same as another 1 oz. of gold. Monero is fungible due to the nature of the currency which provides no way to link transactions together nor trace the history of any particular XMR. 1 XMR is functionally identical to any other 1 XMR. 可替换性是指一种货币的两个货币单位可以相互替换,而被替换的货币等于另一个相同大小的单位。例如,两张10美元的钞票可以交换,而且它们在功能上与流通中的任何其他10美元钞票相同(尽管10美元钞票有唯一的ID号,因此不能完全替换)。黄金可能是一个更接近真实可替换性的例子,任何1盎司的同等等级的黄金都与另1盎司的黄金价值相同。由于货币的性质,门罗币是可替换的,它不提供将交易联系在一起的方法,也无法跟踪任何特定 XMR 的交易历史。1XMR 在功能上与任何其他的1XMR相同。
Fungibility is an advantage Monero has over Bitcoin and almost every other cryptocurrency, due to the privacy inherent in the Monero @blockchain and the permanently traceable nature of the Bitcoin blockchain. With Bitcoin, any BTC can be tracked by anyone back to its creation @coinbase-transaction. Therefore, if a coin has been used for an illegal purpose in the past, this history will be contained in the @blockchain in perpetuity. This lack of fungibility means that certain businesses will be obligated to avoid accepting BTC that have been previously used for purposes which are illegal, or simply run afoul of their Terms of Service. Currently some large Bitcoin companies are blocking, suspending, or closing accounts that have received Bitcoin used in online gambling or other purposes deemed unsavory by said companies.
可替换性是门罗币相对于比特币和几乎所有其他加密货币的一个优势,这是因为门罗币 @区块链与生俱来的隐私性以及比特币区块链的永久可追踪性。所有的比特币,任何人都可以一直追踪到创建比特币的@coinbase交易。因此,如果一枚比特币在过去被用于非法目的,这段历史将永远被记录在@区块链中。这种不可替换性意味着,某些企业将有义务避免接受此前用于非法目的的BTC,或仅仅违反其服务条款的比特币。目前,一些大型比特币公司正在封锁、暂停或关闭那些接收了用于在线赌博或其他被这些公司认为令人不快的用途的比特币的账户。
Monero has been built specifically to address the problem of traceability and non-fungibility inherent in other cryptocurrencies. By having completely private transactions Monero is truly fungible and there can be no blacklisting of certain XMR, while at the same time providing all the benefits of a secure, decentralized, permanent blockchain. 门罗币是专门为解决其他加密货币固有的可跟踪性和不可替换性问题而设计的。因为拥有完全隐私的交易,门罗币确实是可以替换的,而且不可能将某些XMR列入黑名单,同时为您提供安全、去中心化、永久的区块链的好处。