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A wallet stores the information necessary to send and receive Monero
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The Basics 基础知识
A Monero account, or wallet, stores the information necessary to send and receive Moneroj. In addition to sending and receiving, the Monero Wallet software keeps a private history of your transactions and allows you to cryptographically sign messages. It also includes Monero mining software and an address book. 门罗币帐户或钱包存储了发送和接收门罗币所需的信息。除了发送和接收之外,门罗币钱包软件还保存了您交易的私人历史记录,并允许您对消息进行加密签名。它还包括门罗币的挖矿软件和地址薄。
The term "hot wallet" describes a Monero @account which is connected to the Internet. You can send funds easily but security is much lower than a cold wallet. Never store large amounts of cryptocurrency in a hot wallet! 术语“热钱包”描述了一个连接到互联网的门罗币@帐户。你可以很容易地把钱发送出去,但安全性要比冷钱包低得多。永远不要在热钱包中存储大量的加密货币!
A cold wallet is generated on a trusted device or computer via an @airgap. If the device is to be reused, the data storage should be securely overwritten. As soon as a cold wallet is connected to the Internet or its mnemonic phrase or @spend-key is entered on an Internet-connected device, it's no longer "cold" and should be considered "hot". 冷钱包是通过@网闸在可信任的设备或计算机上生成的。如果这个设备是被再次使用,应该安全地覆盖数据存储。只要一个冷钱包被连接到互联网,又或许是它的助记词或@支付密钥被输入到一个联网的设备上,那么该设备就不再是“冷的”,而应该被认为是“热的”。
A Monero @paper-wallet can be generated by downloading the source code of https://moneroaddress.org/. Verify the signature of the code on a trusted airgapped device. Create the wallet and print or store it on the media of your choice. 可以通过下载 https://moneroaddress.org/ 的源代码生成一个门罗币的@纸钱包。在可信的被网闸隔绝的设备上验证代码的签名。创建钱包并打印或存储在您所选择的媒体上。
Monero accounts and paper-wallets can be stored on any media - paper, USB drive, CD/DVD, or a hardware wallet device (Ledger available since June 2018). 门罗币账户和纸钱包可以存储在任何媒体上——纸张、U盘、CD/DVD或硬件钱包设备(例如:Ledger 钱包于2018年6月开始支持门罗币)。