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## 1. [Create Whonix AppVMs](https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Install):
## 2. In the AppVM `monerod-ws`:
## 3. In the AppVM `monero-wallet-ws`:
## 4. In `dom0`:
Add the following line:
Add the following line to the bottom:
Add these lines to the bottom:
Add this line:
+ Create a `systemd` file.
+ Create rpc action file.
+ Create the file `/etc/qubes-rpc/policy/user.monerod`:
+ Edit the file `/rw/config/rc.local`.
Make file executable.
+ Make `monerod` daemon run on startup by editing the file `/rw/config/rc.local`.
Paste the following contents:
Qubes gives the flexibility to easily create separate VMs for different purposes. First you will create a Whonix workstation for the wallet with no networking. Next, another Whonix workstation for the @daemon which will use your Whonix gateway as it's NetVM. For communication between the wallet and daemon you can make use of Qubes [qrexec](https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/qrexec3/).
+ Shutdown `monerod-ws`.
+ Shutdown `monero-wallet-ws`.
The first workstation will be used for your wallet, it will referred to as `monero-wallet-ws`. You will have `NetVM` set to `none`.
The second workstation will be for the `monerod` daemon, it will be referred to as `monerod-ws`. You will have `NetVM` set to the Whonix gateway `sys-whonix`. Before moving on, make sure this workstation has enough private storage. You can estimate how much space you need by checking the size of the [raw blockchain]({{ site.baseurl }}/downloads/#blockchain). Keep in mind that the blockchain will take up more space with time.