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``` [email protected]:~$ sudo nano /home/user/monerod.service ```
``` [Unit] Description=Monero Full Node
[Service] User=user Group=user
Type=forking PIDFile=/home/user/.bitmonero/
ExecStart=/usr/bin/monerod --detach --data-dir=/home/user/.bitmonero \
--no-igd --pidfile=/home/user/.bitmonero/ \
--log-file=/home/user/.bitmonero/bitmonero.log --p2p-bind-ip=
Restart=always PrivateTmp=true
[Install] ```
``` [email protected]:~$ sudo nano /rw/config/rc.local ```
``` cp /home/user/monerod.service /lib/systemd/system/ systemctl start monerod.service ```
``` [email protected]:~$ sudo chmod +x /rw/config/rc.local ```
``` [email protected]:~$ sudo mkdir /rw/usrlocal/etc/qubes-rpc [email protected]:~$ sudo nano /rw/usrlocal/etc/qubes-rpc/user.monerod ```
``` socat STDIO TCP:localhost:18081 ```
``` socat TCP-LISTEN:18081,fork,bind= EXEC:"qrexec-client-vm monerod-ws user.monerod" ```
``` [[email protected] ~]$ sudo nano /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/user.monerod ```
``` monero-wallet-ws monerod-ws allow ```