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Selecting a pool
Configuring the miner
See the [official docs](https://xmrig.com/docs/miner/config), for instructions and suggestions.
Starting the miner
Anti-virus keeps removing XMRig
Cannot read/set MSR
Algo not known
Huge Pages 0%
Allowing large pages on Windows
In the Local Security Setting – Lock pages in memory dialog box, click Add User or Group.
Allowing large pages on Linux
Allowing large pages on macOS
Balance Not Increasing
Most pools are <abbr title="Pay Per Last N Shares">PPLNS</abbr> pools,
which means that you only get paid when a miner on the pool finds a
block. If the pool you are mining on is small, this can take a few
days to weeks.
Getting Help
An active Monero mining community on Reddit is [/r/MoneroSupport](https://www.reddit.com/r/MoneroSupport/). You can also join [#monero-pools on Libera](https://web.libera.chat/?channel=#monero-pools) or Matrix (#monero-pools:monero.social).
Going Futher