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In the Select Users, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog box, add an account that you will run the miner on
Reboot for change to take effect.
You may also need to launch the miner as administrator.
Firstly stop the miner (if it's running), run the following commands to enable large pages and then start the miner as root:
You may have to increase 1168 depending on how many NUMA nodes your CPU(s) have.
Huge pages are not supported on macOS.
Additionally, any blocks found must mature before they can be paid out. This takes 60 blocks (approx. 2 hours).
Consider using a subaddress just for mining, to prevent your address being linked to different services.
[Consider using Tor to connect to the pool](https://xmrig.com/docs/miner/tor) (or to a hidden service pool like HashVault, RespectXMR and MoneroOcean). This hides mining activity from your ISP, and prevents the pool from knowing who you are.
Download Miner
Ubuntu Linux
The XMRig developer provides pre-built binaries for Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) and Focal (20.04). They may work on other Ubuntu versions, and on other distributions, but this is not guaranteed.
Scroll down to 'Assets' until you see the correct version for your system. Download this file, extract the archive somewhere memorable, like your desktop.
Other distributions and operative systems
Binaries are available for multiple distributions and operative systems, but you can also build the miner by yourself. Take a loot at [XMrig's docs](https://xmrig.com/docs/miner)
Selecting a pool
Configuring the miner