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Download and unzip the latest (non-GUI) version of I2P-zero: https://github.com/i2p-zero/i2p-zero/releases
That's it! Do not replace the dsc****.b32.i2p address with yours, only replace the XXXXXXX.b32.i2p one. The dsc****.b32.i2p is a seed node that will help you discover other I2P-accessible monero nodes.
If you want to run your own seed node (known as a 'mipseed') to help other people discover I2P-accessible Monero nodes, follow instructions [in the i2p-zero repo](https://github.com/i2p-zero/i2p-zero/blob/master/mipseed.md).
*The original version of this guide was originally uploaded on the [i2p-zero repository](https://github.com/i2p-zero/i2p-zero/blob/master/monerod-with-i2p-zero.md).*