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To check if your wallet is in advanced mode, go to `Settings` > `Info` and see `Wallet mode`.
![Wallet mode](/img/resources/user-guides/en/remote_node/wallet_mode_info.png){:width="600px"}
If your wallet is open, you need to close it first. Go to `Settings` > `Wallet` > `Close this wallet`
![Close Wallet](/img/resources/user-guides/en/remote_node/close_open_wallet.png){:width="600px"}
The main menu (`Welcome to Monero` screen) will open. At the bottom left, click on `Change wallet mode` button, and on the next page select `Advanced mode`. Next, open your wallet file again.
![Change Wallet Mode](/img/resources/user-guides/en/remote_node/change_wallet_mode.png){:width="600px"}
![Advanced Mode](/img/resources/user-guides/en/remote_node/advanced_mode.png){:width="600px"}
First, you will need to find a public remote node to connect to. The website []( has some great resources for finding nodes. One of the easiest methods would be to use a public remote node run by moneroworld, but they have a tool for finding random nodes too.
## Configuring your wallet to connect to a custom public remote node
When opening your wallet, a pop up will appear with the option `Use custom settings`. Click on it, and you will be sent to `Settings` > `Node` page.
If you don't see this pop up, go to `Settings` > `Node` page.
![Configure Remote Node](/img/resources/user-guides/en/remote_node/remote_node_config.png){:width="600px"}
On this page select `Remote Node`.
In `Address` you should fill the address of the remote node that you want to connect to. This address might look like `` or it could look like any IP address.
In `Port` you should fill the port of the remote node. If a remote node is listed as ``, the address is `` and the port is `18089`. The default port is `18081`, but it can vary depending on the node you are connecting to.
If your remote node requires authentication, you can enter a username in `Daemon username` and a password in `Daemon password`.
Finally, click on `Connect` button and wait for your wallet to connect.