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## Create a Tor hidden service for RPC
Make sure [Tor is installed](https://community.torproject.org/relay/setup/bridge/debian-ubuntu/) and running correctly, then proceed.
We only need to configure the RPC server to run as a hidden service here on port `18081`.
File: `/etc/torrc`
``` HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/monero-service/ HiddenServicePort 18081 ``` Restart Tor: ``` sudo systemctl restart [email protected] ```
Make sure Tor started correctly: ``` sudo systemctl status [email protected] ```
### Configure Daemon to allow RPC
In this example, we don't use Tor for interacting with the p2p network, just to connect to the monero node, so only RPC hidden service is needed.
File: `~/.bitmonero/bitmonero.conf` (in the home directory of the Monero user)
``` no-igd=1 restricted-rpc=1 rpc-login=USERNAME:PASSWORD ``` (Make up a USERNAME and PASSWORD to use for RPC)
Restart the Daemon: `monerod stop_daemon; sleep 10; monerod --detach`
Make sure the daemon started correctly: ``` tail -f ~/.bitmonero/bitmonero.log ```
## Connecting to your node from a local wallet
Make sure you have Tor running locally so you can connect to the Tor network. One simple way on the Mac is to just start the Tor browser and use its Tor daemon.