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In a web browser, go to [binaryFate's GPG key](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/monero-project/monero/master/utils/gpg_keys/binaryfate.asc), which he uses for signing the Monero binaries. Right click on the page, choose `Save Page As`.
In a file manager, navigate to `Downloads` directory. Open the file `hashes` with a word processor.
If your hash **DOES NOT** match **DO NOT CONTINUE.** Instead delete the Monero binary from the `Downloads` directory and go back to [section 4.1](#41-download-binary).
If your hash **DOES** match then you are finished with verification! You can be sure the Monero files you have are authentic. You may extract and install/use the files normally.
If you receive a **VALID** signature, click `Discard` and move on.
If you receive an **INVALID** signature, **DO NOT CONTINUE.** Instead delete the file `hashes` from the `Downloads` directory and go back to [section 3.1](#31-download-hash-file).
If this is your first time using Kleopatra you will have to create a key pair for yourself.
If the signature is **VALID** you will see this:
If the signature is **INVALID** you will see this:
If the fingerprint of this key **DOES NOT** match, **DO NOT CONTINUE**. Instead delete the file `binaryfate` from the `Downloads` directory and go back to [section 2.1](#21-download-signing-key).
If the fingerprint **DOES** match, click `Certify`.
![hashes save file](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-getmonero-savename.png)
![hashes right click](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-getmonero-rightclick.png)
![hashes kleo verify button](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-kleo-verify-button.png)
![hashes kleo open file](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-kleo-verify-button-filename.png)
![hashes kleo goodsig](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-kleo-goodsig.png)
![hashes kleo badsig](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_hashes-kleo-badsig.png)
![gpg4win site save file](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-site-savefile.png)
![gpg4win site open folder](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-site-savefile-openfolder.png)
![gpg4win site download location](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-site-savefile-location.png)