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![gpg4win launch](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-launch.png)
### 1.2. Use Gpg4win Installer
You will be presented with a security verification screen, click `Run`.
![gpg4win installer security](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install-security.png)
Select your language, click `OK`.
![gpg4win installer language](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install-language.png)
A welcome screen will appear, click `Next`.
![gpg4win installer welcome](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install-welcome.png)
Now you will see the component selection screen, you must at least leave `Kleopatra` checked for this guide. Make your selections, click `Next`.
![gpg4win installer components](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-components.png)
It is best to leave the default installation location unless you know what you are doing. Make your selections, click `Install`.
![gpg4win installer location](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install.png)
Installation has completed, click `Next`.
![gpg4win installer complete](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install-complete.png)
Click `Finish`.
![gpg4win installer finish](/img/resources/user-guides/en/verify_binary_windows_beginner/verify-win_gpg4win-install-finish.png)
## 2. Monero Signing Key
This section will cover downloading the Monero signing key, verifying that the key is correct, and then importing the key to your keyring. The hash file that will be used to verify your binary is cryptographically signed with the Monero signing key. In order to check the validity of this file you must have the public version of the signing key.
### 2.1. Download Signing Key
In a web browser, go to [binaryFate's GPG key](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/monero-project/monero/master/utils/gpg_keys/binaryfate.asc), which he uses for signing the Monero binaries. Right click on the page, choose `Save Page As`.