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A view-only wallet is a special type of wallet that can only see incoming transactions. Since it doesn't hold your mnemonic seed and private spend key, it can't sign transactions and it can't see outgoing transactions. This makes them particularly interesting for
Click on `Next` to create your view-only wallet file.
### CLI: Creating a View-Only Wallet from a Private View Key
Developers writing libraries to validate payments
Enter a name for you view-only wallet file. Optionally, you can change the file location.
Enter a `Wallet creation date` or a `Restore height` if you have one (optional).
### GUI: Creating a View-Only Wallet from an Existing Wallet File
### GUI: Creating a View-only Wallet from a Private View Key
If you don't have access to the existing wallet, you can create a view-only wallet by knowing the wallet's main address and its private view key.
If you have access to the existing wallet, open your wallet and go to `Settings` > `Wallet` > `Create a view-only wallet`:
If your wallet has outgoing transactions, the balance displayed will not be correct. To get a correct balance in a view-only wallet, you have to import the accompanying key images of each output of the wallet.
In `Account address (public)` field, enter your wallet's main address, which starts with 4.
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In order to create a view-only wallet, you must either have access to a wallet or know the main address and the private view key from a wallet.
In order to do that, go to the main Menu and click on `Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed`:
In `View key (private)` field, enter the private view key of your wallet.
Leave the `Spend key (private)` field blank.
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Next, create your view-only wallet by typing `monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key wallet-name`. The last argument will be your new wallet's file name. You will be prompted for `Standard address` and `View key` by the wallet. Paste in your original wallet's address and private (secret) view key. Next, enter and confirm a password for your new wallet.
Open an existing wallet and type `address` and `viewkey` commands to display the wallet's address and its private (secret) view key. Type `exit` to close the wallet.