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downloads->langs <b>30+ languages</b> available
faq->ascanned Because new @transactions have been recorded on the @blockchain from the last time you opened your wallet, which needs to scan all of them to make sure non of those transaction is yours. This process is not necessary in a mymonero-style (openmonero) wallet, a central server (which could be managed by you) does this work for you.
moneropedia->entries->block Block
moneropedia->entries->blockchain Blockchain
downloads->pruning Blockchain pruning
titles->blogbytag Blog
library->books Books
downloads->bootstrapnode Bootstrap node
moneropedia->entries->bootstrap-node Bootstrap-node
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-hardware Building hardware wallets to keep your Monero safe.
moneropedia->entries->bulletproofs Bulletproofs
moneropedia->entries->canonically-unique-host Canonically-unique host
moneropedia->entries->change Change
hangouts->irc_channels->monero-offtopic Chatting with other Monero users about things not related to Monero.
downloads->choose Choose your download
moneropedia->entries->clearnet Clearnet
moneropedia->entries->coinbase Coinbase Transaction
team->community Community Workgroup
downloads->hwcompatible Compatible with hardware wallets
roadmap->completed Completed task