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contributing->altqrmonero Monero QR code
faq->qmaxsupply What is Monero's maximum supply?
mining->p2poolh P2Pool: The best of both solo and pool mining
mining->p2poolnew P2Pool is a clever new way of mining Monero, which allows miners to receive the frequent payouts offered by pools without needing to trust a centralized pool. P2Pool is a Peer-To-Peer mining pool that gives miners full control over their Monero node and what it mines. More details in <a href="/2021/10/05/p2pool-released.html">the announcement post</a>.
mining->p2poolp P2Pool is a sidechain to Monero, and P2Pool blocks are potentially Monero blocks. Each miner submits block templates that include payouts to all of the miners that are mining at the same time (those that currently have shares in the PPLNS window). High quality block templates are added to the P2Pool blockchain as blocks; these count as "shares" for the miner who found them.
mining->p2poolfeatures Main features
mining->p2pdecentralized <b>Decentralized:</b> no central server that can be shutdown/blocked/malicious.
mining->p2ppermissionless <b>Permissionless:</b> anyone can join the sidechain, and it's effectively impossible to censor individual miners.
mining->p2ptrustless <b>Trustless:</b> there is no pool wallet; funds are never in custody. All pool blocks pay out to miners immediately.
mining->p2pplns <b>PPLNS</b> payout scheme
mining->p2pzerofee 0% fee
mining->p2pzeropayout <b>0 XMR</b> payout fee
mining->p2pminpayout Less than 0.0004 XMR minimum payout
mining->p2pmoreinfo More information and details on the GitHub repository of the project:
what-is-monero->confidential_para1 Unlike selectively transparent alternatives (e.g. Zcash), Monero is the only major cryptocurrency where every user is anonymous by default. The sender, receiver, and amount of every single transaction are hidden through the use of three important technologies: @Stealth-Addresses, @Ring-Signatures, and @RingCT. Σε αντίθεση με τις επιλεκτικά διαφανείς εναλλακτικές λύσεις (π.χ. Zcash), το Monero είναι το μόνο κρυπτονόμισμα όπου κάθε χρήστης είναι ανώνυμος από προεπιλογή. Ο αποστολέας, ο παραλήπτης και το ποσό κάθε συναλλαγής κρύβονται μέσω της χρήσης τριών σημαντικών τεχνολογιών: @Stealth-Addresses, @Ring-Signatures και @RingCT.
developer-guides->libraries_para Monero libraries are created and maintained by the community. The following repositories are not vetted by the core team and are only listed here for convenience. Please conduct your own research before using them, and if you want to add a library to this list, please open an issue on Οι βιβλιοθήκες του Monero δημιουργήθηκαν και συντηρήθηκαν από την κοινότητα. Δεν ελέγχονται από την βασική ομάδα και αναφέρονται εδώ μόνο για λόγους ευκολίας. Κάνετε τις δικές σας έρευνες προτού τις χρησιμοποιήσετε. Εάν θέλετε να προσθέσετε μια βιβλιοθήκη σε αυτήν τη λίστα, παρακαλώ ανοίξτε ένα ζήτημα στο
roadmap->p2pool P2Pool released
roadmap->haveno Haveno
tools->gateways Payment Gateways