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global->outdated The content of this page is outdated and might be not valid anymore. Contact the community if you need support. El contenido de esta página está desactualizado y puede que ya no sea válida. Contacta con la comunidad si necesitas apoyo.
meta_descr->whatismonero A thorough explanation of what is Monero and how to get started
meta_descr->accepting A guide on how to accept a payment in Monero using the GUI wallet
meta_descr->contributing There are many ways to contribute to Monero and for every skillset
meta_descr->mining Information, software and resources about mining Monero
meta_descr->blog News, release notices and communications from the Monero Project and its community
meta_descr->workgroups Find out where the hundreds of volunteers working on Monero meet and coordinate
meta_descr->sponsorships The current and past sponsors of the Monero project.
meta_descr->about History, values and basic structure of the Monero project and technology
meta_descr->roadmap A browsable overview of what Monero achieved since its creation, what is currently being developed and plans for the future
meta_descr->mrl Monero's research corner, with research papers, whitepaper and other research-related information
meta_descr->userguides A collection of guides and manuals to guide you through using Monero and fixing common issues
meta_descr->tools Links to third-party tools, like block explorers, payment gateways and generators to interact with the Monero ecosystem
meta_descr->presskit Logos, marketing material, contacts and press documentation about Monero
home->useit It's a Currency; Use It! Es una moneda: ¡Úsala!
sponsorships->cakewallet Cake Wallet sponsors the "tools" server with the mailing list, GitLab, Matrix, Taiga, and Weblate.
downloads->hwdesc Hardware wallets are cryptographically secure devices that help keep your coins safe. Monero is currently supported by Ledger Nano (S, S Plus, and X) and Trezor Model T. Los monederos físicos son dispositivos criptográficamente seguros que ayudan a mantener tus monedas seguras. Monero actualmente es soportado por Ledger Nano S/X y Trezor Model T.
downloads->hwnanos Nano S: 2.1.0 Nano S: 1.6.1
downloads->hwnanosplus Nano S Plus: 1.0.3
downloads->hwnanox Nano X: 2.0.2 Nano X: 1.2.4-4