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downloads->hwthfirm Min. firmware version
downloads->hwnanos Nano S: 1.6.1
downloads->hwnanox Nano X: 1.2.4-4
downloads->hwtrezor 2.3.4
downloads->hwmobmodels Models that support Monero:
press-kit->intro On this page you'll find press contacts, symbols and logos.
press-kit->intro2 Note that the white background options have a white background under the Monero symbol only, not as a background to the whole image. Fai attenzione al fatto che i file con lo sfondo bianco presentano lo sfondo bianco SOLAMENTE sotto il simbolo Monero, non in tutta l'immagine.
press-kit->noback Transparent M Senza sfondo
press-kit->whiteback White M (Suggested) Sfondo bianco
press-kit->quickfactsp A quick and easy to read document to know everything about Monero: history, key differentiating factors, technical fundamentals, and features in development.
Un documento veloce e semplice da leggere per conoscere tutto ciò che riguarda Monero: la storia, i fattori chiave che lo differenziano, i fondamenti tecnici e le funzionalità in sviluppo.<br> Visita il sito <a target="_blank" href="">Monero Outreach</a> per maggiori informazioni.
press-kit->contacts Contacts
press-kit->contactsp There are multiple ways to contact the community. Depending by what information you are looking for, you might want to contact a workgroup, single members of the community, or the Core Team.
press-kit->contactgen For press inquiries:
press-kit->contactwg To contact a specific Monero workgroup:
press-kit->contactcomm To contact the many subcommunities:
press-kit->whymonero Why Monero?
press-kit->whycommunity Monero has one of the largest communities of any open-source project. Monero researches, audits, and implements critical security and privacy technologies, which are user by millions worldwide.
press-kit->whycommunity1 Monero is trusted for more private transactions than all other cryptocurrencies combined.
press-kit->whyconf The Monero community has substantial involvement at Defcon, Grayhat and the CCC (Chaos Computer Club). The Monero Konferenco, an academic conference, is hosted annually.
press-kit->whyconf1 We encourage everyone to include community members from the largest privacy project in related news articles and events.