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press-kit->altpk-1 Picture of a woman standing in front of a 'Monero Talk' banner
press-kit->altpk-2 Picture of fluffypony making a presentation in front of a crowd at DEFCON
accepting->merchthirdlink the merchant page
contributing->developp Monero is open source and permissionless; contributors are welcome and encouraged. A developer may contribute in numerous way to different projects:
contributing->cli CLI wallet and Daemon:
contributing->cli_p The core wallet, mostly written in C++.
contributing->gui GUI Wallet:
contributing->gui_p Mostly QML and C++.
contributing->website This website:
contributing->website_p Built with Jekyll. No Javascript.
contributing->bug Bug and vulnerability hunting: Monero is listed on Hackerone and developers are asked to responsibly disclose bugs and vulnerabilities. See
contributing->discl The Monero Project Vulnerability Response Process.
contributing->develop_descr This list only includes the tools stewarded by the core team, but the Monero ecosystem is much more vast. People can contribute to the development of libraries, services, documentation, graphics, etc. The list is virtually infinite. Contact or join the workgroup(s) to which you'd like to contribute.
contributing->develop_wg See the Monero Workgroups.
contributing->full-node Run a Node Esegui un nodo locale
contributing->full-node_p An easy and effective way to help the Monero network is to run a @node. Nodes ensure the network keeps running safe and decentralized. A simple fully synchronized node is enough to help the network, but if you want to go out of your way, you could run an open @remote-node, to allow other people to connect to it.
contributing->full-node_p2 We have several guides to help you run and configure your node:
contributing->allguides See all User Guides.
contributing->mine_p Mining ensures the safety of the network. Monero uses @randomx, an ASIC-resistant algorithm developed by Monero contributors, which aims to remain mineable by common consumer-grade hardware. For more info about mining see the
contributing->mine_link dedicated Mining page.