Key English Japanese
global->copyright Copyright 著作権
global->sitename, The Monero Project, モネロプロジェクト
global->wiki Moneropedia モネロペディア
global->outdatedMin This page has been updated since the translation. You can use this version, but it may be incomplete. Please use the このページは翻訳によって更新されています。あなたはこのバージョンを使えますが、完全な状態ではないかもしれません。
titles->accepting Accepting Monero
titles->sponsorships Sponsorships
home->downloads Downloads
user-guides->import-blockchain How to import the Monero blockchain (advanced)
user-guides->monero-tools Monero Tools
user-guides->purchasing-storing How to create a Monero paper wallet
user-guides->verify-allos How to use the command line to verify your Monero CLI/GUI software is safe (advanced)
user-guides->mine-on-pool How to mine on a pool with XMRig
user-guides->solo-mine How to solo mine with Monero GUI