Key English Japanese
mining->p2pplns <b>PPLNS</b> payout scheme
mining->p2pzerofee 0% fee
mining->p2pzeropayout <b>0 XMR</b> payout fee
mining->p2pminpayout Less than 0.0004 XMR minimum payout
mining->p2pmoreinfo More information and details on the GitHub repository of the project:
sponsorships->pastsponsors Past sponsors
roadmap->haveno Haveno
sponsorships->mbank MajesticBank sponsors the hosting used by this website.
library->thesalmonseries The Salmon Series
library->thesalmonseriesp Infographics dealing with Monero's inner workings. The name comes from employed colours, having semantic meanings (even if weak) but also a unifying function as a recurring theme, and resembling salmon browning (from raw to well-done) to the author's eyes :)
library->zkbasicscheatsheet20220621 ZK Basics Cheatsheet
library->zkbasicscheatsheet20220621p A lightly theoretical interlude (hopefully still gentle, trying to stress concepts more than formalism and selecting the approached topics) to lay the foundations for Bulletproof and other future Zero-Knowledge-related features, if any.
roadmap->ringsize-sera-tryp increase ring size to >100
roadmap->seraphis-jamtis Seraphis & jamtis
roadmap->ospead OSPEAD
roadmap->released-0-18 CLI and GUI 0.18 "Flourine Fermi" released
roadmap->hardfork-v15 Network upgrade v15 Hardfork
roadmap->xmr-eth-atomicswaps Monero <-> Ethereum Atomic Swaps
roadmap->bp++ Bulletproofs++
roadmap->lws-subaddress Light Wallet Server subaddress support