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global->outdated The content of this page is outdated and might be not valid anymore. Contact the community if you need support. Содержимое этой страницы устарело и, скорее всего, не является актуальным. Обратитесь за советом к сообществу, если вам потребуется помощь.
meta_descr->whatismonero A thorough explanation of what is Monero and how to get started
meta_descr->accepting A guide on how to accept a payment in Monero using the GUI wallet
meta_descr->contributing There are many ways to contribute to Monero and for every skillset
meta_descr->mining Information, software and resources about mining Monero
meta_descr->blog News, release notices and communications from the Monero Project and its community
meta_descr->workgroups Find out where the hundreds of volunteers working on Monero meet and coordinate
meta_descr->sponsorships The current and past sponsors of the Monero project.
meta_descr->about History, values and basic structure of the Monero project and technology
meta_descr->roadmap A browsable overview of what Monero achieved since its creation, what is currently being developed and plans for the future
meta_descr->mrl Monero's research corner, with research papers, whitepaper and other research-related information
meta_descr->userguides A collection of guides and manuals to guide you through using Monero and fixing common issues
meta_descr->tools Links to third-party tools, like block explorers, payment gateways and generators to interact with the Monero ecosystem
meta_descr->presskit Logos, marketing material, contacts and press documentation about Monero
home->useit It's a Currency; Use It! Это валюта - пользуйтесь ей!
sponsorships->cakewallet Cake Wallet sponsors the "tools" server with the mailing list, GitLab, Matrix, Taiga, and Weblate.
downloads->hwdesc Hardware wallets are cryptographically secure devices that help keep your coins safe. Monero is currently supported by Ledger Nano (S, S Plus, and X) and Trezor Model T. Аппаратные кошельки - это криптографически защищенные устройства, которые помогают сохранить ваши монеты в безопасности. В настоящее время Monero поддерживается Ledger Nano S / X и Trezor Model T.
downloads->hwnanos Nano S: 2.1.0 Nano S: 1.6.1
downloads->hwnanosplus Nano S Plus: 1.0.3
downloads->hwnanox Nano X: 2.0.2 Nano X: 1.2.4-4