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team->devworkgroup_start It's a good idea to take a look at open issues on both repositories to have an idea of what could be fixed or improved. Both codebases, but especially the core repository, can be quite challenging, so it's suggested to first write in the chatroom introducing yourself, your skills, and to what you wish to contribute.
team->web_descr This dev-focused workgroup coordinates the development of the website. Most members are also part of the Development Workgroup. The Website Workgroup was mostly created to have discussions related to the website all in one place.
team->web_start It's always a good idea to join the chatroom and talk directly with the members of the workgroup, but if you prefer to get started by yourself, take a look at the readme in the GitHub repository. It contains step by step instructions to edit every single part of this website.
team->localization_descr One of the oldest Monero Workgroups, it's formed by contributors working on translating Monero-related software and documentation. It's strongly suggested to contact the workgroup before working on translations.
team->localization_start Contact the workgroup on the chatroom or open an issue on the GitHub repository. You can also start translating immediately using the Weblate platform. Just make sure to read the guide for translators first.
team->outreach_descr This workgroup is focused on getting Monero out there, gathering artists, writers, and anyone who wishes to make Monero known to the world.
team->outreach_start The members of the Outreach Workgroup heavily use Telegram for coordination and matrix/freenode in minor part. If you want to help, you can contact the workgroup on one of these channels. It is quite structured, so you'll probably be directed to a coordinator.
team->telegram Telegram chat:
team->mrl_descr As the name suggests, the Monero Research Lab is the workgroup focused on Monero-related research. It's formed by scientists finding ways to improve Monero's protocol and features. Most of the protocol improvements that make Monero amazing, like CLSAG and @Bulletproofs, are the result of the efforts of this workgroup.
team->mrl_start Join the chatroom below and state your interests and your skills. Research is always ongoing, and somebody will point you in the right direction.
team->space Monero Space
team->space_descr Monero Space is an active, project-focused Monero workgroup that provides services to the Monero community. It hosts popular resources and organizes events such as Monero Meet.
team->space_start The workgroup can be contacted by writing to their chatroom on Matrix/Libera.
team->mrw Malware Response Workgroup
team->mrw_descr The Malware Response Workgroup provides resources and live support for multiple types of Monero-related malware.
team->mrw_start Most of the activity of this workgroup happens on the IRC chat. If you wish to contribute, just join the channel to ask questions or provide support.
team->mpwg Monero Policy Working Group
team->mpwg_descr Monero Policy Working Group is a loosely formed quorum of individuals with an interest in interacting with regulators, policy makers, and the wider financial services sector to ensure broad understanding of Monero’s component technologies, especially with regards to its compatibility with evolving regulatory and compliance requirements.
team->mpwg_start If you would like to take part or follow policy discussions, join Matrix/Libera chatroom.
downloads->intro On this page you can find and download the latest version available of the Monero software, as well as hardware, light and mobile wallets.