Key English Vietnamese
downloads->choose Choose your download
downloads->gui Monero GUI Wallet
downloads->cli Monero CLI Wallet
downloads->blockchain Import Blockchain
downloads->blockchain1 If you'd prefer to use a raw blockchain instead of syncing from scratch, you can use the most current bootstrap. It is typically much faster to sync from scratch, however, and it also takes a lot less RAM.
downloads->blockchain2 If you wish to proceed anyway, take a look at the user guide
downloads->blockchain3 Importing the Monero blockchain
downloads->blockchain4 for step-by-step instructions for Windows.
downloads->blockchainbutton Download Blockchain
downloads->mobilelight0 Mobile & Light
downloads->mobilelight Mobile & Light Wallets
downloads->hardware Hardware Wallets
downloads->gui_intro An open-source graphical user interface (GUI) wallet developed by the Monero community, completely free to use, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
downloads->simplemode Simple mode
downloads->simplemode1 Created for less technical users who only want to use Monero in the easiest and quickest way possible. Open the wallet, automatically connect to a @remote-node, send/receive XMR, done!
downloads->advancedmode Advanced mode
downloads->advancedmode1 With all the advanced features you could need. Ideal for seasoned Monero users who prefer to have full control of their wallet and node
downloads->merchantpage Merchant page
downloads->merchantpage1 Receive XMR for your business, easily
downloads->hwcompatible Compatible with hardware wallets