Key English Chinese (Simplified)
roadmap->sep September
roadmap->oct October
roadmap->nov November
roadmap->dec December
roadmap->comingsoon Coming Soon
roadmap->launched Launched on Bitcointalk
roadmap->renamed Renamed from Bitmonero to Monero
roadmap->recovered Recovered from a spam attack
roadmap->paper1-2 Monero Research Lab Papers 1 and 2 published
roadmap->paper3 Monero Research Lab Paper 3 published
roadmap->released-0-8-8-6 released
roadmap->paper4 Monero Research Lab Paper 4 published
roadmap->released-0-9-0 0.9.0 Hydrogen Helix released
roadmap->paper5 Monero Research Lab Paper 5 published
roadmap->ringsize-3 Network Upgrade to require minimum @ringsize of 3 on all @transactions
roadmap->released-0-10-0 0.10.0 Wolfram Warptangent released
roadmap->splitcoinbase Network Upgrade to split coinbase into @denominations
roadmap->released-0-10-1 0.10.1 Wolfram Warptangent released
roadmap->guibeta1 Official GUI Beta 1 released
roadmap->enableringct Network Upgrade to enable @RingCT transactions