Key English Chinese (Simplified)
merchants->hodlhodldescr P2P trading platform with non-custodial escrow.
merchants->locmondescr Online P2P exchange offering person-to-person trades.
merchants->depsell Depends by the seller
merchants->locnojs (but no-JS version available)
merchants->simpleswapdescr Non-custodial instant exchange.
merchants->visitbisq Visit Bisq
merchants->visitlocalmonero Visit LocalMonero
merchants->visithodlhodl Visit HodlHodl
merchants->centrexchanges Centralized exchanges (CEXs) & Swappers
merchants->centrexchangesp If you prefer to use centralized exchanges, here is a list of renowned CEXes and swappers. Many more exchanges support Monero, we list here only a few reputable ones.
merchants->cexp Centralized exchanges that offer exchanging Monero for national currencies and cryptocurrencies.
merchants->swappersp Swappers let users exchange XMR for other cryptocurrencies.
sponsorships->intro The following businesses actively support the Monero Project in its goal to bring financial privacy to the world. We couldn't be more grateful for their contributions. If you would like to sponsor the Monero Project and be listed on this page, please send an email to [email protected] 以下企业支持门罗币将金融隐私带给全世界的愿景。我们对他们的帮助和贡献感激不尽。如果您也想赞助门罗项目并被添加到此列表,请给[email protected]发送电子邮件。
sponsorships->tari Tari Labs sponsors the CDN used by this website.
sponsorships->globee GloBee sponsors the main Monero website infrastructure.
sponsorships->symas Symas sponsors its CTO Howard Chu (hyc) for his work on the Monero codebase.
sponsorships->forknetworking Fork Networking provides a server which is used for development.
sponsorships->macstadium MacStadium sponsors a dedicated Mac Mini that is used for Mac-related development.
team->introduction Workgroups are formed by community members who join forces to achieve a common goal. They have different structures and goals. On this page we list some of the more active workgroups and some tips to get you started, if you wish to contribute to any of them.
team->core Core Team 核心开发组