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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
global->date %Y/%m/%d %Y/%m/%d
global->monero Monero Monero
global->getting_started Getting Started 入门
global->copyright Copyright 版权
global->monero_project The Monero Project 门罗币项目
global->sitename, The Monero Project, 门罗币项目
global->wiki Moneropedia 门罗币百科
global->tags Articles By Tag 标签
global->wikimeta on Moneropedia, the open encyclopedia of Monero knowledge meta维基
global->tagsmeta All Monero blog articles that are tagged meta标签
global->terms Terms 条款
global->privacy Privacy 隐私
global->untranslated This page is not yet translated. If you would like to help translate it, please see the 这个页面尚未被翻译。 如果您愿意协助翻译,请参见
global->outdatedVersion English version 英文版本
global->lang_tag @lang_tag_en @lang_tag_zh-cn
titles->index Home 索引
titles->whatismonero What is Monero (XMR)? 什么是门罗币 (XMR)?
titles->accepting Accepting Monero 接收门罗币
titles->contributing Improving Monero 捐献
titles->mining Mining Monero 门罗币挖矿