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downloads->advancedmode Advanced mode 进阶模式
faq->aantivirus After you have downloaded the Monero software (GUI and CLI alike), your antivirus or firewall may flag the executables as malware. Some antiviruses only warn you about the possible menace, others go as far as silently removing your downloaded @wallet / @daemon. This likely happens because of the integrated miner, which is used for mining and for @block verification. Some antiviruses may erroneously consider the miner as dangerous software and act to remove it.
home->getcoins_para After you install a wallet, you need to get some Monero. There are multiple ways to acquire some coins to spend, like mining or working in exchange for Monero, but the easiest way is to use an exchange and convert your fiat money into XMR. Many exchanges, centralized and decentralized, list Monero (XMR). 在你安装了钱包软件之后,你需要获得一些门罗币。有许多种方式可以获得门罗币,比如挖矿或通过交易所,最简单的获取方式是通过交易所,将您的法定货币交换为门罗币。许多中心化和去中心化交易所都支持门罗币交易。
faq->afullpruned A full @node requires a considerable amount of storage and could take a long time to download and verify the entire blockchain, especially on older hardware. If you have limited storage, a pruned node is recommended. It only stores 1/8th of unnecessary blockchain data while keeping the full transaction history. If plenty of storage is available, a full node is recommended but a pruned node still greatly contributes to the network and improves your privacy.
developer-guides->go-monero-rpc-client A Go client for the Monero wallet and daemon RPC.
meta_descr->accepting A guide on how to accept a payment in Monero using the GUI wallet
library->masteringmonerop A guide through the seemingly complex world of Monero.<br> It includes: <ul><li>A broad introduction to blockchains and the importance of privacy - ideal for non-technical users.</li> <li>Discussion of Bitcoin’s shortcomings and specific solutions provided by Monero.</li> <li>User stories (illustrating how Monero protects your privacy), analogies, examples, legal/ethical discussions, and code snippets illustrating key technical concepts.</li> <li>Details of the Monero decentralized network, peer-to-peer architecture, transaction lifecycle, and security principles.</li> <li>Introductions to technical foundations of Monero, intended for developers, engineers, software architects, and curious users.</li> <li>New developments such as Kovri, Bulletproofs, Multisignature, Hardware Wallets, etc.</li></ul>
一本能让你在看似复杂的门罗世界里畅游无阻的指南。<br> 其中包括: <ul><li>区块链的广泛介绍和隐私的重要性——对不懂技术的用户来说,这是个好的入手点。</li> <li>对比特币的缺点的讨论和门罗币为此提供的具体解决方案。</li> <li>其他用户的小故事(以此来说名门罗是如何保护您的隐私),类比、事例、法律/道德层面的讨论和对于一些关键技术代码的讨论。</li> <li>门罗币的去中心化网络、点对点结构、交易周期和安全原则的详细信息。</li> <li>针对开发人员,工程师,软件架构师等人的对门罗技术基础的介绍</li> <li>新项目介绍:防弹证明,科维,多重签名和硬件钱包</li></ul> 有关完整版,请参见 <a href="">Mastering Monero</a> 网站
downloads->helpsupport1 A guide with an explanation of every section of the wallet is available: A guide with an explanation of every section of the wallet is available:
moneropedia->entries->airgap Airgap 气墙
developer-guides->monerorpc A Java interface for Monero wallet and daemon RPC.
developer-guides->monero-java A Java library for using Monero.
library->zkbasicscheatsheet20220621p A lightly theoretical interlude (hopefully still gentle, trying to stress concepts more than formalism and selecting the approached topics) to lay the foundations for Bulletproof and other future Zero-Knowledge-related features, if any.
titles->allposts All Blog Posts 所有文章
global->tagsmeta All Monero blog articles that are tagged meta标签
blog->allposts All Posts 所有文章
faq->aavailable also available in
downloads->verify2 Always verify your downloads! 请校验你的下载内容!
faq->a3 A @mnemonic-seed is a set of 25 words that can be used to restore your account anywhere. Keep these words safe and do not share them with someone else. You can use this seed to restore your account, even if your computer crashes. 助记词是一组有固定顺序的单词,一共有25个。您可以用助记词在任何地方恢复您的钱包。一定要保障助记词的安全,不要给任何人看到。即便您现在的计算机崩溃了,您也可以在其他地方使用助记词恢复钱包。
developer-guides->monerophp A Monero library written in PHP by the Monero Integrations team.
faq->and and