Key English Chinese (Traditional)
downloads->verify Verify 驗證
titles->index Home 首頁
downloads->showhash Show hashes to verify your download 顯示下載檔案的雜湊碼
library->magazines Magazines 雜誌
global->privacy Privacy 隱私
about->privacy Privacy 隱私
specs->privacytech_sh @Stealth-Addresses @隱匿性地址
downloads->rpc1 included in the archive 附帶在下載檔案中
titles->about About Monero 關於門羅幣
navigation->about About 關於門羅幣
home->about About Monero 關於門羅幣
home->moneropedia_button Read Moneropedia 閱讀門羅幣百科
research-lab->read-paper Read Paper 閱讀全文
titles->developerguides Developer Guides 開發者指引
contributing->develop Develop 開發工作
merchants->cardfoss Open source: 開放源碼:
user-guides->cli-wallet Guide for the Monero CLI wallet 開始使用 CLI 錢包
global->getting_started Getting Started 開始使用
navigation->getstarted Get Started 開始使用
faq->q7 How is Monero different from Bitcoin? 門羅幣與比特幣有什麼差異?