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accepting->merchantsintlink the GitHub organization
accepting->merchantsreceive If you are a business and you wish to programmatically receive @transactions or use advanced features like multisignature, it's suggested to consult the
accepting->merchantsreceive1 If you need support, the community will always be happy to help. Come chat on #monero, the chatroom is on Freenode, but also relayed on MatterMost and Matrix.
accepting->merchantsthirdp If you are looking for other third party integration system, there is a list of payment gateways on
accepting->merchantsthirdp1 Some of those offer nice features like the possibility to automatically convert part of your income in fiat money or to accept other cryptocurrencies along with Monero.
accepting->merchantstitle Instructions for merchants
accepting->merchdevguides developer guides
accepting->merchthirdlink the merchant page
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accessibility->guiscreen A screenshot of the Monero GUI wallet. It shows the wallet's balance and a navigation menu on the left, and a form for sending XMR on the right.
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