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global->outdatedMin This page has been updated since the translation. You can use this version, but it may be incomplete. Please use the 這個頁面資訊因未更新翻譯,資訊已過時。您仍可繼續使用這個頁面,但資料可能不完整。
titles->merchants Merchants & Exchanges 商家 & 服務
titles->researchlab Monero Research Lab (MRL) 門羅幣研究實驗室
navigation->merchants Merchants & Exchanges 使用商家
home->heading2 Private, decentralized cryptocurrency that keeps your finances confidential and secure. 保護隱私的數位貨幣
home->moneropedia_para Would you like to look up the meanings of the terms and concepts used in Monero? Here you will find an alphabetical guide to terms and their meanings. 你想要找門羅幣的各種用詞和概念的解釋嗎?在這裡你可以找到用字母排序的字詞與其意義解釋,範圍包括門羅幣與 Kovri 專案。
hangouts->resources_para In an effort to support organic workgroups, Monero has several resources that the community can use to meet and plan projects, 為了支持有組織性的協作,門羅幣有幾種資源平台可以用聚會或是規劃專案,Mattermost 甚至有橋接了數個熱門的 Monero IRC 頻道。
team->core Core Team 核心開發團隊
team->community Community Workgroup 社群
press-kit->intro2 Note that the white background options have a white background under the Monero symbol only, not as a background to the whole image. 請注意白色背景選項是只有在門羅幣圖案底下的白色背景,而非整張圖片的背景。
press-kit->noback Transparent M 無背景
press-kit->whiteback White M (Suggested) 白色背景
press-kit->quickfactsp A quick and easy to read document to know everything about Monero: history, key differentiating factors, technical fundamentals, and features in development.
一份可以快速全面了解門羅幣的讀物: 發展歷史、關鍵的獨特之處、技術的奠基與開發中的功能。<br> 參訪 <a target="_blank" href="">Monero Outreach</a> 網站以查看更多資訊。
contributing->full-node Run a Node 運行全節點
contributing->ffs Community Crowdfunding System 造訪論壇募資系統
mining->software Software 挖礦軟體
what-is-monero->leading Monero is the leading cryptocurrency focused on private and censorship-resistant transactions. 門羅幣是專注在保護隱私與對抗審查交易的領導加密貨幣。
what-is-monero->leading_para1 The majority of existing @cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have transparent @blockchains. Transactions can be verified and/or traced by anyone in the world. This means that the sending and receiving @addresses of these @transactions could potentially be linked to real-world identities. 大多數現行的加密或幣,包括比特幣與乙太幣都是透明的區塊鏈,意思是所有交易都是向全世界任何一個人開放驗證與查詢。此外,發送與接收這些交易的錢包地址有可能會被連結至某個人在真實世界中的身分。
what-is-monero->leading_para2 Monero, on the other hand, uses various privacy-enhancing technologies to ensure the anonymity of its users. 門羅幣利用密碼學保護了發送與接收的錢包地址,也保護了交易金額。
what-is-monero->confidential_para1 Unlike selectively transparent alternatives (e.g. Zcash), Monero is the only major cryptocurrency where every user is anonymous by default. The sender, receiver, and amount of every single transaction are hidden through the use of three important technologies: @Stealth-Addresses, @Ring-Signatures, and @RingCT. 每一筆門羅幣的交易,在預設的狀況下,發送與接收的地址與交易金額都是被混淆過的資訊。這項永遠啟用的隱私保護代表著門羅幣的每個使用活動都是在提升其他人的隱私保護,這與其他選擇性透明的加密貨幣 (例如 Zcash) 不同。