Key English Catalan
cryptonote::simple_wallet Account
cryptonote::simple_wallet account creation aborted
cryptonote::simple_wallet account creation failed
cryptonote::simple_wallet Accounts with tag:
cryptonote::simple_wallet Actual:
mms::message_store additional key set
cryptonote::simple_wallet address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address:
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address all" - Show all addresses.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address at %u %u: %s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address book is empty.
Monero::WalletImpl Address doesn't belong to the wallet
tools::wallet2 Address must be specified in order to create watch-only wallet
Monero::WalletImpl Address must not be a subaddress
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address must not be a subaddress
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address new" - Create new subaddress.
cryptonote::simple_wallet addr index
cryptonote::simple_wallet ago
sw alias for --restore-deterministic-wallet