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Key English Czech
cryptonote::simple_wallet address
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address:
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address all" - Show all addresses.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address at %u %u: %s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address book is empty.
tools::wallet2 Address must be specified in order to create watch-only wallet
cryptonote::simple_wallet Address must not be a subaddress
cryptonote::simple_wallet "address new" - Create new subaddress.
cryptonote::simple_wallet ago
sw alias for --restore-deterministic-wallet
cryptonote::rpc_args Allow any peer certificate
tools::wallet2 Allow any SSL certificate from the daemon
sw Allow communicating with a daemon that uses a different RPC version
tools::wallet2 Allow user (via --daemon-ssl-ca-certificates) chain certificates
sw a long time
cryptonote::simple_wallet A malicious auto-config manager could send you info about own wallets instead of other signers' info
cryptonote::simple_wallet amount
cryptonote::simple_wallet amount is wrong:
tools::wallet_rpc_server and --