Key English German
cryptonote::simple_wallet Warning: using an untrusted daemon at %s
cryptonote::simple_wallet Warning: this will lose any information which can not be recovered from the blockchain.
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this transaction uses an unencrypted payment ID: these are obsolete and ignored. Use subaddresses instead.
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this transaction is not yet included in the blockchain!
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this operation may reveal the txids to the remote node and affect your privacy
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: this is a non default ring size, which may harm your privacy. Default is recommended.
Warning: Some input keys being spent are from
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: Outputs of multiple addresses are being used together, which might potentially compromise your privacy.
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: from v8, ring size will be fixed and this setting will be ignored.
cryptonote::simple_wallet WARNING: failed to determine number of confirmations!
sw WARNING: DNSSEC validation was unsuccessful, this address may not be correct!
cryptonote::simple_wallet Warning: deprecated formats use boost serialization, which has buffer overflows and crashers. Only load deprecated formats from sources you trust.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Warning: connecting to a non-local daemon without SSL, passive adversaries will be able to spy on you.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Wallet state does not allow changing Monero addresses anymore
tools::wallet2 Wallet password file
tools::wallet2 Wallet password (escape/quote as needed)
sw Wallet password
tools::wallet2 Wallet password
cryptonote::simple_wallet wallet is watch-only and has no spend key
cryptonote::simple_wallet wallet is watch-only and has no seed