Key English
Monero::AddressBookImpl Payment ID supplied: this is obsolete
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Attempting to save transaction to file, but specified file(s) exist. Exiting to not risk overwriting. File:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl Failed to write transaction(s) to file
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl transaction %s was rejected by daemon with status:
Monero::PendingTransactionImpl . Reason:
Monero::UnsignedTransactionImpl Claimed change is larger than payment to the change address
Monero::WalletImpl Failed to import key images:
Monero::WalletImpl payment id has invalid format, expected 64 character hex string:
cryptonote::rpc_args permits inbound unencrypted external connections. Consider SSH tunnel or SSL proxy instead. Override with --
cryptonote::simple_wallet Sending %s.
cryptonote::simple_wallet Untrusted daemon, spent status may be incorrect. Use a trusted daemon and run "rescan_spent"
cryptonote::simple_wallet last_seen
cryptonote::simple_wallet monero, millinero, micronero, nanonero, piconero
cryptonote::simple_wallet txid
cryptonote::simple_wallet idx
cryptonote::simple_wallet Outputs
cryptonote::simple_wallet pubkey
cryptonote::simple_wallet ringct
cryptonote::simple_wallet RingCT
cryptonote::simple_wallet Show the incoming/outgoing transfers within an optional height range.

Output format:
In or Coinbase: Block Number, "block"|"in", Time, Amount, Transaction Hash, Payment ID, Subaddress Index, "-", Note
Out: Block Number, "out", Time, Amount*, Transaction Hash, Payment ID, Fee, Destinations, Input addresses**, "-", Note
Pool: "pool", "in", Time, Amount, Transaction Hash, Payment Id, Subaddress Index, "-", Note, Double Spend Note
Pending or Failed: "failed"|"pending", "out", Time, Amount*, Transaction Hash, Payment ID, Fee, Input addresses**, "-", Note

* Excluding change and fee.
** Set of address indices used as inputs in this transfer.